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Started as a "Why don't I photocopy other Barton's information while I'm in the library copying mine" project, this database has grown to over 130,000 names (including over 15,000 unique surnames) with richly documented sources. All information is freely available 24/7 worldwide with No Login necessary.

Please note, though, that our database is secondary (derivative) research and is not original research of the Barton Historical & Genealogical Society. Therefore, please use this tool as a starting point for your own original research (Birth-Marriage-Death certificates).

Currently there are thirty-nine different Barton lineages identified through the BARTON DNA Project. Where known the identified Lineage (clan) is displayed for each member on their individual page following the words "Barton Database: Lineage" If your Barton ancestor does not have a Lineage shown after the words Person ID (#####) Barton Database, then no male Barton descendant has yet participated in the Barton ySTR DNA Project.

Please note that to protect the privacy of living persons details about them are not shown unless specifically authorized by them. Nobody knows your line better than you. If you spot discrepancies please notify us of any corrections, additions or deletions. Thanks!

Following the passing of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) all Login credentials (with the exception of the few Admins and Submitters) were cancelled and email addresses deleted.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Grandpa Was a General (or Admiral) Thousands of Bartons have served in the military Some of them rose to the rank of General or Admiral. Did one of yours?

feature 2 Are you... ? Some of our BARTON ancestors were "men and women of the cloth" with the title of Reverend. Others were granted hereditary and honorific titles. Do you know a Reverend Barton?

feature 3 Privacy Policy Barton Historical & Genealogical Society Privacy Policy governing all of our websites.

feature 4 README Operational notes, user instructions and FAQ's about this site.

Would you like to see your ancestor featured in one of the above articles? Just e-mail a biographical sketch (either TXT, DOC or PDF format) to the webmaster.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, or would like to submit additions, corrections or deletions please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Be sure to check out the BARTON DNA Project where Bartons from all around the world are making strides using genetic genealogy and paper or electronic pedigrees including this database!