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24401 Wesleyan Methodist Family F16983
24402 Wesleyan Methodist Barton, Sarah (I103639)
24403 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Family F28736
24404 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Family F28739
24405 West Ashford RD Barton, Edward Alfred (I61789)
24406 West Gate Hospital Perrin, Alma Pearl (I34657)
24407 West Ham RD Barton, Charles Lionel (I51594)
24408 West Plains Memorial Hospital McCool, Almer Jane (I7401)
24409 Westminster Family F20481
24410 Westminster unknown female, Frances (I16901)
24411 Westminster Borough Barton, Violet (I54767)
24412 Weymouth Street Barton, John Christopher (I47491)
24413 Which wife and children are correctly associated with this Daniel Barton? Further research is required. Barton, Daniel (I3727)
24414 while not interred there, he is memorialized on the Honolulu Memorial Barton, CORPORAL Howard Ray USAR (I57192)
24415 While not uncommon on the American frontier the registration of a marriage after the birth of children nonetheless raises a cautionary flag; further research is required Family F22735
24416 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F5215
24417 While Robert Nally's The Barton Book cites her nickname as "Martha", line leader Karla Smith reports that she has not found that name on any document (marriage and census records) in Texas. Johnson, Hannah Henrietta (I8167)
24418 While some researchers have used the name Matherson, Mathursa is inscribed on her tombstone at the Tyger Baptist Church Cemetery according to line leader Karla Smith on 25 Mar 2007 Barton, Mathursa (I7957)
24419 while still a child Barton, John "Johnny" (I18031)
24420 Whitechurch Parish Church (COE) Family F22706
24421 widow Barton, Clarissa Ruth (I101918)
24422 widow Wilson, Mary Victoria (I104296)
24423 widow Jane Smith daughter of George Barton and George Boorer son of Richard Boorer Family F22482
24424 Widow of Fred Hanly, Winifred (I96790)
24425 widow, died at home, no autopsy performed Barton, Beatrice (I97358)
24426 widowed Barton, Ebenezer (I261)
24427 widowed Barton, Adolph Louis (I50643)
24428 widowed Barton, Merritt D. (I27259)
24429 widowed Barton, Fay (I74550)
24430 widowed Barton, John D. (I84084)
24431 widowed Barton, James (I84087)
24432 widowed Barton, John V. (I84577)
24433 widowed Barton, Charles (I85249)
24434 widowed Barton, Maggie (I85251)
24435 widowed Barton, Emma Isabelle (I85257)
24436 widowed Barton, Dorotha (I89874)
24437 Widowed Barton, Byron Francis (I90345)
24438 Widowed Scott, Catherine Ann (I26927)
24439 widowed Barton, Augustus (I94707)
24440 widowed Barton, Edward H. (I95121)
24441 widowed Brown, Eliza A. (I95164)
24442 widowed Guay / Guy / Geary, Rose / Rosa (I95177)
24443 widowed Mcguire, Hannah (I95207)
24444 widowed Campbell, Reba (I97237)
24445 Widowed Schultz, Sena (I35413)
24446 widowed unknown female, Anna (I87929)
24447 widowed farmer Barton, Jonathan "John" (I27344)
24448 widowed farmer Barton, Edward D. (I18523)
24449 widowed Retired Farmer Barton, Thomas (I31046)
24450 Widowed; Corp. US Army Barton, Daniel V. (I96845)

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