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24401 without issue and unmarried Barton, Alvin G. (I54210)
24402 witnessed by John's brother Henry Barton Family F29918
24403 witnessed by Samuel Barton and Sarah Barton Family F18186
24404 witnesses Tho. S. Trower and Bridget Barton Family F26686
24405 Witton Street, Northwich Bebbington, Jane (I56019)
24406 Wordsworth Street Barton, Josiah (I48742)
24407 World Family Tree Volume 165, pedigree #677 Barton, Tina A. (I10219)
24408 World Family Tree volume 165, pedigree #677 Barton, Comfort (I10196)
24409 World Family Tree volume 165, pedigree #677 Barton, William (I10197)
24410 World Family Tree volume 7, pedigree #3943 Barton, William (I10179)
24411 World Family Tree, volume 15, pedigree #2953 Barton, Loretta Frances (I22439)
24412 World Family Tree, volume 15, pedigree #2953 and volume 165, pedigree #677 Barton, Francis M. F. (I22438)
24413 WWI Barton, Arthur Keith "Keith" (I47865)
24414 cites "Boree Nyrang", Molong, NSW, as her birthplace Barton, Norah Clarina (I22305)
24415 cites birthplace as "Boree Nyrang", Molong, NSW Barton, Charles Hampden (I22306)
24416 cites this person's name as Lucy Georgina Barton Barton, Emily M. (Lucy Georgina?) (I22308)
24417 Funchess, Elizabeth Ann (I50944)
24418 Rowe, Ann Washington (I50976)
24419 lists marriage date of 10 Dec 1933 [could this be a son Aubrey's marriage date?; further research is required] Family F14552
24420 downloaded 10 Dec 2008 Barton, Robert Earl (I32730)
24421 downloaded 10 Dec 2008 Barton, Robert Earl (I32730)
24422 Howes, Eliza Ann (I52415)
24423 Family F17875
24424 Barton, James (I12632)
24425 on 21 Dec 2008 Family F12372
24426 on 21 Dec 2008 Family F12367
24427 on 21 Dec 2008 Barton, Lewis (I32903)
24428 on 21 Dec 2008 Family F4162
24429 on 21 Dec 2008 Family F8904
24430 on 21 Dec 2008 Family F8966
24431 on 21 Dec 2008 Barton, William Anderson Jr. (I23837)
24432 Wyke Rectory Barton, Rev. John Lake (I42118)
24433 Yeoman 'from Ham' Harrison, John (I87606)
24434 younger brother of his namesake John Barton I who also was a prominent lawyer Barton, John II (I52137)
24435 Zala R. Holzinger Barton, Zala (I24974)
24436 Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Family F22512
24437 Zion Lutheran Church Barton, Eva Blanch (I80157)
24438 Zion Reformed Church Family F26554
24439 [At this time (Apr 2009) it is not clear if Viola's two husbands, Richard Barton and James M. Barton, are the same person, brothers, or unrelated. Further research in Kanawha County for Birth, Marriage, and Death records is required.] Querrey, Viola (I35117)
24440 [Based upon similarity of names on his Louisiana Death Record, Benjamin F. Barton ID #I9537 may be his father; further research is required.] Barton, William Jasper (I36999)
24441 [calculated] unknown female, Ella M. (I77988)
24442 [Could he have died at the Battle of Shiloh in 1862, Tennessee? Further research is required.] Barton, Wade (I5219)
24443 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F5676
24444 [could this be Bryazgalov, Russia? Further research is required.] Barton, Emanuel J. [formerly E. J. Glussman] (I37325)
24445 [Could this be Clark County IL? Further research is required.] Family F7017
24446 [Could this be Hilham TN? Further research is required.] Family F773
24447 [could this be Monongahela or Monongalia WV? Further research is required] Clark, Mary J. (I37879)
24448 [Could this be Petersville KY, just across the border from Ohio? Further research is required.] Barton, William L. (I27717)
24449 [Could this be Westport NY? Further research is required.] Smith, Emma Elizabeth (I17680)
24450 [Could this be Yellowbud, Ross Co., OH, USA? Further research is necessary.] Barton, Levi (I28886)

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