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London, London, England


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Notes: pre-1889 = Middlesex Co.; post-1889 = London Co.

City/Town : Latitude: 51.500152, Longitude: -0.126236


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Mary Ann  30 Nov 1852London, London, England I5073 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Ada  Abt 1882London, London, England I59910 Barton Database 
3 Barton, Ada Lewes  Abt 1884London, London, England I59254 Barton Database 
4 Barton, Ada Sarah  7 Feb 1826London, London, England I59821 Barton Database 
5 Barton, Albert  Abt 1893London, London, England I64563 Barton Database 
6 Barton, Alice  Abt Jul 1890London, London, England I64561 Barton Database 
7 Barton, Amy B.  2 Jul 1832London, London, England I59822 Barton Database 
8 Barton, Annie M.  Abt 1868London, London, England I58840 Barton Database 
9 Barton, Ansilla Elizabeth  25 Sep 1790London, London, England I32186 Barton Database 
10 Barton, Archibald  Abt 1894London, London, England I64564 Barton Database 
11 Barton, Arthur  Abt 1888London, London, England I60313 Barton Database 
12 Barton, Arthur Charles  21 Oct 1892London, London, England I37315 Barton Database 
13 Barton, Charles E.  May 1857London, London, England I4922 Barton Database 
14 Barton, Charlotte Benton E. H.  Abt 1813London, London, England I59819 Barton Database 
15 Barton, Dorothy Conquest  8 May 1903London, London, England I64016 Barton Database 
16 Barton, Eliza Louisa  Abt 1854London, London, England I59260 Barton Database 
17 Barton, Elizabeth  30 Jul 1843London, London, England I32212 Barton Database 
18 Barton, Elizabeth  Abt 1846London, London, England I59767 Barton Database 
19 Barton, Elizabeth  Abt 1892London, London, England I64562 Barton Database 
20 Barton, Elizabeth "Eliza"  14 Jan 1832London, London, England I14161 Barton Database 
21 Barton, Elsie R.  Abt 1897London, London, England I40410 Barton Database 
22 Barton, Emile  Abt 1879London, London, England I60310 Barton Database 
23 Barton, Emma  4 May 1846London, London, England I32213 Barton Database 
24 Barton, Emma Ancilla  1809London, London, England I14151 Barton Database 
25 Barton, Ernest  Abt 1877London, London, England I59255 Barton Database 
26 Barton, Frances  17 Feb 1835London, London, England I14171 Barton Database 
27 Barton, Frederick  Abt 1894London, London, England I68707 Barton Database 
28 Barton, George  Abt 1883London, London, England I59253 Barton Database 
29 Barton, Harry (nmn)  30 Jul 1889London, London, England I32686 Barton Database 
30 Barton, Henrietta Violet "Violet"  1903London, London, England I109402 Barton Database 
31 Barton, Henry  Abt 1816London, London, England I15581 Barton Database 
32 Barton, James Robert  Abt 1884London, London, England I38971 Barton Database 
33 Barton, James Terence  19 Nov 1929London, London, England I110673 Barton Database 
34 Barton, Jessica  Abt 1892London, London, England I54306 Barton Database 
35 Barton, John  1788London, London, England I32185 Barton Database 
36 Barton, John  1797London, London, England I14144 Barton Database 
37 Barton, John  Abt 1826London, London, England I15348 Barton Database 
38 Barton, Joshua Joseph  6 Dec 1810London, London, England I14153 Barton Database 
39 Barton, Lilian  Abt 1882London, London, England I43780 Barton Database 
40 Barton, Louisa  1794London, London, England I14141 Barton Database 
41 Barton, Lucinda  1817London, London, England I14158 Barton Database 
42 Barton, M. G.  London, London, England I32201 Barton Database 
43 Barton, Mary  1795London, London, England I14143 Barton Database 
44 Barton, Mary Ann  Abt 1853London, London, England I59259 Barton Database 
45 Barton, Mary I.  Abt 1896London, London, England I40409 Barton Database 
46 Barton, Maurice Arthur  25 Feb 1896London, London, England I37404 Barton Database 
47 Barton, May  Abt 1890London, London, England I59256 Barton Database 
48 Barton, Narborough  Abt 1872London, London, England I65661 Barton Database 
49 Barton, Pearce  1833London, London, England I14162 Barton Database 
50 Barton, Philip Geoffrey Royal Army  25 Jun 1891London, London, England I56415 Barton Database 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Addison, Henry Robert  1876London, London, England I25316 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Ada Florence  Apr-Jun 1894London, London, England I54933 Barton Database 
3 Barton, Amy  11 Oct 1916London, London, England I25547 Barton Database 
4 Barton, Dunbar Plunkett  11 Sep 1937London, London, England I25211 Barton Database 
5 Barton, Elsie Freda  1973London, London, England I79297 Barton Database 
6 Barton, George Alexander Heaton MRCS  13 Jan 1924London, London, England I54054 Barton Database 
7 Barton, Henry  Apr-May-Jun 1880London, London, England I59424 Barton Database 
8 Barton, James Aaron  23 Jun 1894London, London, England I58806 Barton Database 
9 Barton, Jane  1849London, London, England I32200 Barton Database 
10 Barton, Robert Dodge  1828London, London, England I14138 Barton Database 
11 Barton, Samuel  1817London, London, England I14130 Barton Database 
12 Barton, Walter John  10 Jun 1951London, London, England I62934 Barton Database 
13 Carden, Lilian Edith Laura  19 Oct 1937London, London, England I39678 Barton Database 
14 Lucey, Eleanor Mable  Apr-Jun 1958London, London, England I54282 Barton Database 
15 Snow, Julia Wreaford  15 Oct 1948London, London, England I62935 Barton Database 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Ada Lewes  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I59254 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Albert  31 Mar 1901London, London, England I64563 Barton Database 
3 Barton, Albert  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I64563 Barton Database 
4 Barton, Albert Edwin  5 Apr 1891London, London, England I57298 Barton Database 
5 Barton, Albert Edwin  31 Mar 1901London, London, England I57298 Barton Database 
6 Barton, Albert Edwin  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I57298 Barton Database 
7 Barton, Alice  5 Apr 1891London, London, England I64561 Barton Database 
8 Barton, Amelia Louise  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I66863 Barton Database 
9 Barton, Archibald  31 Mar 1901London, London, England I64564 Barton Database 
10 Barton, Eleanor Aimee  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I66865 Barton Database 
11 Barton, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901London, London, England I64562 Barton Database 
12 Barton, Frances Eliza  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I66866 Barton Database 
13 Barton, Henry Edward  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I66856 Barton Database 
14 Barton, Joshua James  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I59247 Barton Database 
15 Barton, May  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I59256 Barton Database 
16 unknown female, Maria  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I59248 Barton Database 
17 unknown female2, Eliza  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I66862 Barton Database 
18 Whitfield, Elizabeth Alice  5 Apr 1891London, London, England I64560 Barton Database 
19 Whitfield, Elizabeth Alice  31 Mar 1901London, London, England I64560 Barton Database 
20 Whitfield, Elizabeth Alice  2 Apr 1911London, London, England I64560 Barton Database 

City Directory

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    City Directory    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Bertram Francis  1902London, London, England I25177 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Bertram Hugh Esq.  1902London, London, England I39677 Barton Database 

Directory Information

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Directory Information    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Edwin Alfred M.R.C.S.  1927London, London, England I55659 Barton Database 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Alexander Mackinlay Manuel Esq.  1882-1883London, London, England I33877 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Donald Strode  1887-1890London, London, England I49958 Barton Database 
3 Barton, Edwin Henry Ph.D.  1894London, London, England I43371 Barton Database 
4 Barton, George Alexander Heaton MRCS  2 Oct 1882London, London, England I54054 Barton Database 
5 Barton, George Alexander Heaton MRCS  23 Dec 1886London, London, England I54054 Barton Database 
6 Barton, Percy Esq.  1878-1879London, London, England I33876 Barton Database 
7 Barton, William Edwin  1875London, London, England I43564 Barton Database 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Information    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ailwood, Clara  20 Jul 1933London, London, England I61254 Barton Database 
2 Atkins, Elena Elizabeth  27 Feb 1919London, London, England I62673 Barton Database 
3 Barten, Herb   I50096 Barton Database 
4 Barton, Henry Alfred  5 Feb 1894London, London, England I17123 Barton Database 
5 Barton, Agnes Emma  19 Jun 1937London, London, England I62551 Barton Database 
6 Barton, Alan Bernard  16 Oct 1911London, London, England I62897 Barton Database 
7 Barton, Albert Edwin  18 Dec 1911London, London, England I57298 Barton Database 
8 Barton, Alexander  1 Nov 1887London, London, England I61331 Barton Database 
9 Barton, Alfred  17 Apr 1929London, London, England I47000 Barton Database 
10 Barton, Alfred  22 Apr 1929London, London, England I45702 Barton Database 
11 Barton, Alfred Bowyer FRCS  13 Sep 1882London, London, England I31595 Barton Database 
12 Barton, Arthur  25 Jan 1905London, London, England I55819 Barton Database 
13 Barton, Arthur Myles  8 Aug 1904London, London, England I52042 Barton Database 
14 Barton, Arthur William  13 Jan 1932London, London, England I71739 Barton Database 
15 Barton, Arthur William  19 Aug 1947London, London, England I71739 Barton Database 
16 Barton, Augustus Chetwode  10 Jan 1912London, London, England I39655 Barton Database 
17 Barton, Basil Kelsey  17 Jan 1929London, London, England I70676 Barton Database 
18 Barton, Beatrice Chetwode  10 Jan 1912London, London, England I39659 Barton Database 
19 Barton, Bernard Cyril  17 Jan 1929London, London, England I70675 Barton Database 
20 Barton, Bertha Woods  29 Apr 1904London, London, England I51980 Barton Database 
21 Barton, Bertha Woods  26 Feb 1908London, London, England I51980 Barton Database 
22 Barton, Bertram Hugh Esq.  1 Nov 1904London, London, England I39677 Barton Database 
23 Barton, Bertram Hugh Esq.  3 Jan 1908London, London, England I39677 Barton Database 
24 Barton, Bertram Hugh Esq.  20 Jan 1908London, London, England I39677 Barton Database 
25 Barton, Blanche  12 Dec 1912London, London, England I44175 Barton Database 
26 Barton, Chantler Woods  29 Apr 1904London, London, England I51979 Barton Database 
27 Barton, Charles  31 May 1901London, London, England I42202 Barton Database 
28 Barton, Charles Gerard "Gerard" Royal Army  3 Apr 1905London, London, England I47803 Barton Database 
29 Barton, Charles Thomas  19 Feb 1919London, London, England I55245 Barton Database 
30 Barton, Charles Thomas Hugh  16 Jun 1938London, London, England I58247 Barton Database 
31 Barton, Christopher Bertram Ronald   I39668 Barton Database 
32 Barton, David Wire  10 Feb 1898London, London, England I55664 Barton Database 
33 Barton, Edith Marianne  22 Feb 1900London, London, England I68067 Barton Database 
34 Barton, Edward "Ed" Grayson  12 May 1928London, London, England I63557 Barton Database 
35 Barton, Edward Brint  31 Oct 1905London, London, England I49235 Barton Database 
36 Barton, Edward George Malcolm  12 Jan 1900London, London, England I59332 Barton Database 
37 Barton, Edward W.  30 Jun 1884London, London, England I62238 Barton Database 
38 Barton, Edwin  13 Sep 1882London, London, England I40049 Barton Database 
39 Barton, Elizabeth Mary  25 Sep 1911London, London, England I62921 Barton Database 
40 Barton, Emily Catharine  18 Nov 1903London, London, England I64545 Barton Database 
41 Barton, Emily Gertrude  26 Feb 1931London, London, England I71743 Barton Database 
42 Barton, Ernest Chetwode  10 Jan 1912London, London, England I39658 Barton Database 
43 Barton, Ernest Edwin  6 May 1920London, London, England I60704 Barton Database 
44 Barton, Ethel Marie  19 Dec 1919London, London, England I62966 Barton Database 
45 Barton, Evelyn Mabel  12 Dec 1929London, London, England I63635 Barton Database 
46 Barton, Frances A.  5 Feb 1894London, London, England I17125 Barton Database 
47 Barton, Frank William  21 Jan 1926London, London, England I58596 Barton Database 
48 Barton, George Ernest  12 Nov 1922London, London, England I69736 Barton Database 
49 Barton, George Ernest  16 May 1928London, London, England I69736 Barton Database 
50 Barton, George Ernest  14 Apr 1930London, London, England I69736 Barton Database 

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Military Information

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Information    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Alfred Benjamin  13 Aug 1895London, London, England I38957 Barton Database 
2 Barton, George William  02 May 1892London, London, England I50362 Barton Database 
3 Barton, Herbert Edward  28 Feb 1919London, London, England I103269 Barton Database 
4 Barton, Hugh Bradley Royal Navy  3 Jul 1883London, London, England I44178 Barton Database 
5 Barton, Hugh Bradley Royal Navy  13 Oct 1902London, London, England I44178 Barton Database 
6 Barton, John Henry  London, London, England I62937 Barton Database 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Albert Edwin  Apr 1891London, London, England I57298 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Henry Alexander  Feb 1910London, London, England I56030 Barton Database 
3 Barton, Henry Edward  Apr 1911London, London, England I66856 Barton Database 
4 Barton, Joshua James  Apr 1911London, London, England I59247 Barton Database 
5 Barton, Marmaduke Miller "Willie"  1889-1938London, London, England I47398 Barton Database 
6 Barton, William M.D.  1964London, London, England I57030 Barton Database 
7 Barton, William Edwin  1913London, London, England I43564 Barton Database 

Physical Description

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Physical Description    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, George William  May 1892London, London, England I50362 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Henry Edward  08 Nov 1889London, London, England I50365 Barton Database 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Albert Edwin  Jan 1890London, London, England I57298 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Albert Edwin  Apr 1891London, London, England I57298 Barton Database 
3 Barton, Albert Edwin  Mar 1901London, London, England I57298 Barton Database 
4 Barton, Albert Edwin  Apr 1911London, London, England I57298 Barton Database 
5 Barton, Alexander Mackinlay Manuel Esq.  1882-1883London, London, England I33877 Barton Database 
6 Barton, Henry Alexander  Feb 1910London, London, England I56030 Barton Database 
7 Barton, Henry Edward  Apr 1911London, London, England I66856 Barton Database 
8 Barton, Joshua James  Apr 1911London, London, England I59247 Barton Database 
9 Barton, Marmaduke Miller "Willie"  1915London, London, England I47398 Barton Database 
10 Barton, Percy Esq.  1878-1879London, London, England I33876 Barton Database 
11 Barton, Robert Shawmut  29 Aug 1920London, London, England I497 Barton Database 

Will information

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will information    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Albert Thomas Lionel Royal Army  12 Dec 1917London, London, England I63455 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Alfred Esq.  26 Aug 1893London, London, England I70588 Barton Database 
3 Barton, Alfred  30 Oct 1908London, London, England I43283 Barton Database 
4 Barton, Alfred  21 Jan 1926London, London, England I58593 Barton Database 
5 Barton, Alfred  1 Jun 1926London, London, England I52804 Barton Database 
6 Barton, Alfred John  1 Jun 1926London, London, England I34324 Barton Database 
7 Barton, Alfred Thomas  4 Apr 1912London, London, England I52121 Barton Database 
8 Barton, Arthur  11 Sep 1919London, London, England I62662 Barton Database 
9 Barton, Arthur Stirling  21 Oct 1919London, London, England I22310 Barton Database 
10 Barton, Arthur Wemyss  6 Jun 1919London, London, England I62665 Barton Database 
11 Barton, Bernard  17 Jan 1929London, London, England I70672 Barton Database 
12 Barton, LTCOL Bernard B. Royal Army  27 Feb 1919London, London, England I52030 Barton Database 
13 Barton, Bertram Francis  1 Nov 1904London, London, England I25177 Barton Database 
14 Barton, Charles  30 Dec 1904London, London, England I43782 Barton Database 
15 Barton, Charles  11 Feb 1915London, London, England I61885 Barton Database 
16 Barton, Charles Alfred  25 Jan 1919London, London, England I58603 Barton Database 
17 Barton, Charles Geoffrey  22 Jan 1919London, London, England I25466 Barton Database 
18 Barton, Charles Harold  11 Feb 1915London, London, England I61889 Barton Database 
19 Barton, Charles Hawtrey  21 Oct 1911London, London, England I62905 Barton Database 
20 Barton, Crosbie Royal Army  2 Oct 1902London, London, England I63633 Barton Database 
21 Barton, Daniel Thomas  23 Apr 1897London, London, England I59719 Barton Database 
22 Barton, David Wire  30 Jan 1905London, London, England I55664 Barton Database 
23 Barton, Donald Strode  10 Jan 1924London, London, England I49958 Barton Database 
24 Barton, Edward  29 Mar 1919London, London, England I48391 Barton Database 
25 Barton, Edward Matthew  12 May 1928London, London, England I63552 Barton Database 
26 Barton, Emily Gertrude  19 Aug 1947London, London, England I71743 Barton Database 
27 Barton, Emma Elizabeth  21 Jan 1916London, London, England I26113 Barton Database 
28 Barton, Ernest Gillbe Royal Navy  2 Mar 1938London, London, England I44180 Barton Database 
29 Barton, Francis Savile Royal Army  16 Jun 1938London, London, England I58244 Barton Database 
30 Barton, Frederick James  19 Apr 1963London, London, England I62952 Barton Database 
31 Barton, Frederick Townsend  23 Jul 1904London, London, England I56625 Barton Database 
32 Barton, George  4 May 1900London, London, England I54139 Barton Database 
33 Barton, George  19 Dec 1919London, London, England I62964 Barton Database 
34 Barton, George Edwin  22 May 1931London, London, England I63778 Barton Database 
35 Barton, George Frederick  25 Sep 1915London, London, England I57293 Barton Database 
36 Barton, George Henry  6 Apr 1892London, London, England I59672 Barton Database 
37 Barton, George Langley  1 Nov 1887London, London, England I52794 Barton Database 
38 Barton, George Rawdon Royal Army  18 Jan 1919London, London, England I62701 Barton Database 
39 Barton, George Thomas Houston / Huston D.D.  14 Oct 1895London, London, England I68204 Barton Database 
40 Barton, George Tomkins Norman  26 Apr 1900London, London, England I47809 Barton Database 
41 Barton, Georgiana Anne  18 Nov 1903London, London, England I64544 Barton Database 
42 Barton, Harry Scott  9 Jan 1934London, London, England I58239 Barton Database 
43 Barton, Henry Augustus  17 Aug 1905London, London, England I55686 Barton Database 
44 Barton, Henry Charles Benyon Esq.  12 Nov 1894London, London, England I59608 Barton Database 
45 Barton, Henry Charles Mitford  17 Dec 1923London, London, England I42121 Barton Database 
46 Barton, Henry Malkin Esq.  17 Mar 1904London, London, England I56515 Barton Database 
47 Barton, Henry Sumpter  22 Feb 1900London, London, England I68052 Barton Database 
48 Barton, Henry Thomas  24 Dec 1908London, London, England I54303 Barton Database 
49 Barton, Herbert Edward  3 Dec 1962London, London, England I103269 Barton Database 
50 Barton, Hugh Hubberstey / Huthusty  5 Jan 1927London, London, England I57276 Barton Database 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barton / Berkley  1839London, London, England F12141 Barton Database 
2 Barton / Lambert / Lambeth  12 Feb 1742London, London, England F32135 Barton Database 
3 Barton / Mackenzie  30 Aug 1890London, London, England F19015 Barton Database 
4 Barton / Sandell  2 Jun 1911London, London, England F17534 Barton Database 
5 Brake / Barton  Jun 1920London, London, England F18818 Barton Database 
6 Browne / Barton  1881London, London, England F8395 Barton Database 
7 Cribb / Barton  1860London, London, England F12160 Barton Database 
8 Rippin / Barton   F34166 Barton Database 
9 Sargeant / Barton  10 May 1915London, London, England F30695 Barton Database