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Ribchester, Lancashire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.813709, Longitude: -2.531876


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barton, Alice  Abt 1864Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77409
2 Barton, Alice  Abt 1896Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77424
3 Barton, Ann  Abt 1842Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53326
4 Barton, Catherine  Abt Nov 1870Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77413
5 Barton, Catherine  Abt 1878Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77415
6 Barton, Catherine  Abt 1894Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77417
7 Barton, Dorothy  Abt 1867Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77411
8 Barton, Elizabeth  Abt Dec 1890Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77422
9 Barton, Elizabeth "Betty"  14 Mar 1835Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53323
10 Barton, Ellen  Abt 1845Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53327
11 Barton, George Sr.  Abt 1789Ribchester, Lancashire, England I54798
12 Barton, George  2 Apr 1833Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53322
13 Barton, Henry  12 Dec 1838Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53325
14 Barton, James  Abt 1861Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77408
15 Barton, James  Abt 1890Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77421
16 Barton, John  1837Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53324
17 Barton, John Alston  Abt 1850Ribchester, Lancashire, England I38794
18 Barton, Leonard Townley  24 Oct 1909Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77428
19 Barton, Mary  Abt 1873Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77414
20 Barton, May  Abt 1898Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77425
21 Barton, Milton  Abt 1892Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77423
22 Barton, Richard  Abt 1865Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77410
23 Barton, Robert  Abt 1882Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77426
24 Barton, Thomas  25 Oct 1836Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77406
25 Barton, Thomas  Abt 1869Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77412
26 Barton, Thomas  Abt 1888Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77420
27 Barton, William  8 Jun 1831Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53321
28 Barton, William  Abt 1880Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77416
29 Barton, William  Abt 1887Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77419
30 Hill, Mary  Abt 1813Ribchester, Lancashire, England I21846
31 Patchett, Ellen  Abt 1807Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53320
32 unknown female, Isabella  Abt 1862Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77418
33 Wilkinson, Catherine  Abt 1840Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77407


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Barton, Elizabeth "Betty"  4 Apr 1835Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53323
2 Barton, George  14 Apr 1833Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53322
3 Barton, Henry  15 Dec 1838Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53325
4 Barton, John  5 Feb 1837Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53324
5 Barton, Thomas  30 Oct 1836Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77406
6 Barton, William  19 Jun 1831Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53321


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Patchett, Ellen  29 Mar 1861Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53320


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barton, Henry  27 Feb 1849Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53319


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barton, Alice  2 Apr 1871Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77409
2 Barton, Alice  3 Apr 1881Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77409
3 Barton, Alice  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77424
4 Barton, Ann  30 Mar 1851Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53326
5 Barton, Catherine  2 Apr 1871Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77413
6 Barton, Catherine  3 Apr 1881Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77415
7 Barton, Catherine  5 Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77415
8 Barton, Catherine  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77417
9 Barton, Catherine  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77415
10 Barton, Dorothy  2 Apr 1871Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77411
11 Barton, Dorothy  3 Apr 1881Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77411
12 Barton, Dorothy  5 Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77411
13 Barton, Dorothy  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77411
14 Barton, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77422
15 Barton, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77422
16 Barton, Elizabeth "Betty"  7 Jun 1841Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53323
17 Barton, Ellen  30 Mar 1851Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53327
18 Barton, Ellen  7 Apr 1861Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53327
19 Barton, George  7 Jun 1841Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53322
20 Barton, Henry  7 Jun 1841Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53319
21 Barton, Henry  7 Jun 1841Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53325
22 Barton, James  2 Apr 1871Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77408
23 Barton, James  3 Apr 1881Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77408
24 Barton, James  5 Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77408
25 Barton, James  5 Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77421
26 Barton, James  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77408
27 Barton, John  7 Jun 1841Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53324
28 Barton, Leonard Townley  2 Apr 1911Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77428
29 Barton, Mary  3 Apr 1881Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77414
30 Barton, Mary  5 Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77414
31 Barton, May  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77425
32 Barton, Milton  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77423
33 Barton, Richard  2 Apr 1871Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77410
34 Barton, Richard  3 Apr 1881Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77410
35 Barton, Richard  5 Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77410
36 Barton, Richard  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77410
37 Barton, Robert  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77426
38 Barton, Robert  2 Apr 1911Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77426
39 Barton, Thomas  2 Apr 1871Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77406
40 Barton, Thomas  2 Apr 1871Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77412
41 Barton, Thomas  3 Apr 1881Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77406
42 Barton, Thomas  3 Apr 1881Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77412
43 Barton, Thomas  5 Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77412
44 Barton, Thomas  5 Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77420
45 Barton, Thomas  31 Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77420
46 Barton, William  7 Jun 1841Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53321
47 Barton, William  30 Mar 1851Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53321
48 Barton, William  7 Apr 1861Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53321
49 Barton, William  3 Apr 1881Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77416
50 Barton, William  5 Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77416

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Barton, Henry  Jun 1831Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53319
2 Barton, Henry  Apr 1833Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53319
3 Barton, Henry  Apr 1835Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53319
4 Barton, Henry  Feb 1837Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53319
5 Barton, Henry  Dec 1838Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53319
6 Barton, James  Apr 1881Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77408
7 Barton, Richard  Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77410
8 Barton, Robert  Apr 1911Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77426
9 Barton, Thomas  Apr 1871Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77406
10 Barton, William  Apr 1861Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53321

Physical Description

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Physical Description    Person ID 
1 Barton, Robert  28 Oct 1916Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77426


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barton, Henry  Jun 1841Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53319
2 Barton, James  Apr 1891Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77408
3 Barton, James  Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77408
4 Barton, Robert  Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77426
5 Barton, Robert  1917Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77426
6 Barton, Thomas  Apr 1871Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77406
7 Barton, William  Apr 1861Ribchester, Lancashire, England I53321
8 Wilkinson, Catherine  Mar 1901Ribchester, Lancashire, England I77407


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barton / Patchett  14 Dec 1830Ribchester, Lancashire, England F18091
2 Barton / Townley or Werenley  11 May 1904/1909Ribchester, Lancashire, England F24523
3 Barton / Wilkinson  29 Jul 1860Ribchester, Lancashire, England F24521