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Posey Co., Indiana, USA


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County/Shire : Latitude: 38.02, Longitude: -87.86


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Alfred S.  14 Oct 1818Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2079 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Amanda  1828Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23586 Barton Database 
3 Barton, Ann  17 Oct 1824Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2082 Barton Database 
4 Barton, Anna  1821Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23595 Barton Database 
5 Barton, Elizabeth  7 Oct 1828Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2084 Barton Database 
6 Barton, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1830Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23587 Barton Database 
7 Barton, Elizabeth  4 Apr 1856Posey Co., Indiana, USA I68538 Barton Database 
8 Barton, Emanuel Maurice / Manford "Manuel"  11 Feb 1880Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23672 Barton Database 
9 Barton, Enoch  18 Nov 1848Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23621 Barton Database 
10 Barton, Henry J.  Abt 1842Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23643 Barton Database 
11 Barton, Herbert E.  Abt 1873Posey Co., Indiana, USA I16855 Barton Database 
12 Barton, Jackson  Abt 1831Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23588 Barton Database 
13 Barton, Jane  24 Aug 1828Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23570 Barton Database 
14 Barton, Job  1821Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23562 Barton Database 
15 Barton, John  1819Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23594 Barton Database 
16 Barton, John  1825/1830Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2083 Barton Database 
17 Barton, John Bradford  26 Jan 1871Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23649 Barton Database 
18 Barton, John Francis  14 Feb 1858Posey Co., Indiana, USA I69135 Barton Database 
19 Barton, John H.  11 Jun 1883Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23673 Barton Database 
20 Barton, Johnson  Abt 1837Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23573 Barton Database 
21 Barton, Lavina Lorena  Abt 1839Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23589 Barton Database 
22 Barton, Leora  30 Jan 1874Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9881 Barton Database 
23 Barton, Louis / Lewis  2 Dec 1820Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2081 Barton Database 
24 Barton, Louis / Lewis  Abt 1846Posey Co., Indiana, USA I28421 Barton Database 
25 Barton, Lourana  14 Mar 1879Posey Co., Indiana, USA I100770 Barton Database 
26 Barton, Mary  10 Jun 1819Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23561 Barton Database 
27 Barton, Mary E.  1865Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23658 Barton Database 
28 Barton, Mary Eva  29 Apr 1876Posey Co., Indiana, USA I100769 Barton Database 
29 Barton, Rachel Gladys  Jul 1898Posey Co., Indiana, USA I100779 Barton Database 
30 Barton, Samuel R.  Apr 1844Posey Co., Indiana, USA I68535 Barton Database 
31 Barton, William  8 Aug 1847Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23620 Barton Database 
32 Barton, Willis  Abt 1839Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23641 Barton Database 
33 Bradley, Sarah Ann  6 Jan 1826Posey Co., Indiana, USA I1320 Barton Database 
34 Causey, Charlotte  1836Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23576 Barton Database 
35 Crunk, Polly  1800Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2096 Barton Database 
36 Crunk, Polly Mary  1800Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23599 Barton Database 
37 Downen, Delia  20 Feb 1869Posey Co., Indiana, USA I83853 Barton Database 
38 Green, Nancy R.  14 Feb 1828Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23634 Barton Database 
39 Herter, Lavada Vern  02 Oct 1916Posey Co., Indiana, USA I37850 Barton Database 
40 Jones, Mary Jane  1817Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23633 Barton Database 
41 Todd, Katie  21 Aug 1893Posey Co., Indiana, USA I100479 Barton Database 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Alexander  1848Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9741 Barton Database 
2 Barton, Alfred  24 Aug 1833Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9748 Barton Database 
3 Barton, Anne  22 Jun 1845Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9743 Barton Database 
4 Barton, Daniel  Jan 1846Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9744 Barton Database 
5 Barton, Elizabeth  17 Apr 1824Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9749 Barton Database 
6 Barton, John  1782Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9751 Barton Database 
7 Barton, John  Jan/19 Jul 1826Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9740 Barton Database 
8 Barton, John  c1847Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23594 Barton Database 
9 Barton, Liddie  Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9747 Barton Database 
10 Barton, Rachel  1870/1880Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2076 Barton Database 
11 Barton, Samuel  23 Dec 1860Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9742 Barton Database 
12 Barton, Thomas  3 Oct 1820Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9739 Barton Database 
13 Barton, William  13 Apr 1832Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9737 Barton Database 
14 Barton, William  Abt 1839Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9746 Barton Database 
15 Barton, William  7 Sep 1847Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23620 Barton Database 
16 Barton, William Bradford  15 Jul 1892Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23558 Barton Database 
17 Barton, Wilson G.  13 Nov 1886Posey Co., Indiana, USA I68534 Barton Database 
18 Crunk, Polly  Bef Dec 1826Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2096 Barton Database 
19 Crunk, Polly Mary  Bef Dec 1826Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23599 Barton Database 
20 Downen, Cynthia  Bef 1839Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23607 Barton Database 
21 Downen, Joseph  9 Jun 1845Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2702 Barton Database 
22 Green, Nancy R.  21 Sep 1864Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23634 Barton Database 
23 Jones, Mary Jane  1845Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23633 Barton Database 
24 Mckinney / McKinnis, Rachel  20 Nov 1884Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9879 Barton Database 
25 McMahan, Mary "Polly"  1 Jun 1841Posey Co., Indiana, USA I23566 Barton Database 
26 Oliver, James  Mar 1839Posey Co., Indiana, USA I22116 Barton Database 
27 Oliver, Martha  18 Jul 1873Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2088 Barton Database 
28 Pendel, Harrison  21 Dec 1884Posey Co., Indiana, USA I2085 Barton Database 
29 Underwood, Ruth  Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9738 Barton Database 
30 unknown female, Elizabeth  10 Dec 1817Posey Co., Indiana, USA I9752 Barton Database 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barton / Blakely  23 Dec 1848Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8819 Barton Database 
2 Barton / Broadheap  1872Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8821 Barton Database 
3 Barton / Broyles  1 Dec 1872Posey Co., Indiana, USA F27515 Barton Database 
4 Barton / Causey  25 Sep 1851Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8817 Barton Database 
5 Barton / Crunk  1818Posey Co., Indiana, USA F912 Barton Database 
6 Barton / Davis  8 Apr 1843Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8812 Barton Database 
7 Barton / Downen  15 Jan 1824Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8828 Barton Database 
8 Barton / Downen  6 Nov 1890Posey Co., Indiana, USA F26640 Barton Database 
9 Barton / Dukes  31 Dec 1826Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8824 Barton Database 
10 Barton / Green  2 Mar 1848Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8837 Barton Database 
11 Barton / Holloman  23 Dec 1883Posey Co., Indiana, USA F630 Barton Database 
12 Barton / McKee  16 Mar 1873Posey Co., Indiana, USA F23202 Barton Database 
13 Barton / McMahan  17 Dec 1837Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8842 Barton Database 
14 Barton / Parks  12 Nov 1861Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8814 Barton Database 
15 Barton / Summers  21 Mar 1865Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8820 Barton Database 
16 Barton / unknown female  Abt 1864Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8847 Barton Database 
17 Barton / Venable  26 Sep 1867Posey Co., Indiana, USA F27519 Barton Database 
18 Barton / Webb  26 Jan 1865Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8838 Barton Database 
19 Barton / Winemiller  15 Jan 1846Posey Co., Indiana, USA F29042 Barton Database 
20 Causey / Barton  22 Jan 1851Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8841 Barton Database 
21 Crunk / Barton  3 Oct 1833Posey Co., Indiana, USA F907 Barton Database 
22 Downen / Barton  2 Mar 1815Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8822 Barton Database 
23 Downen / Barton  14 Oct 1843Posey Co., Indiana, USA F1108 Barton Database 
24 Duty / Barton  10 Mar 1838Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8843 Barton Database 
25 Jones / Barton  15 Aug 1841Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8813 Barton Database 
26 Lee / Barton  18 Jan 1849Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8816 Barton Database 
27 Oliver / Barton  26 Feb 1822Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8333 Barton Database 
28 Pendel / Barton  31 Mar 1837Posey Co., Indiana, USA F906 Barton Database 
29 Reising / Reissing / Barton  15 Aug 1883Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8835 Barton Database 
30 Walls / Barton  25 Aug 1827Posey Co., Indiana, USA F8334 Barton Database