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Dumbarton Castle, Scotland

One of the oldest castles in Scotland. See (thanks to researcher Doug Church for this link and the following):
"Dumbarton is the Scottish homeland/castle of Barton Lineage IX and this family dates back to the year +/-300 England. This area of Scotland was settled by the Britons and the clan Mac Breatnaigh were part of the Kings of the Strathclyde, meaning Valley of the River Clyde and, btw, the origin of the Clydesdale horse breed. Doug

The name Dumbarton comes from the Scottish Gaelic Dùn Breatainn, which means “Fort of the Britons”, offering clues into the actual origins of the site. While the earliest recorded mention of Dumbarton Castle dates back to the Iron Age, its history as a settlement reaches back even further. Back then, the area was a Brythonic kingdom called Alclud, roughly translating to Clyde Rock. With the gradual arrival of the Romans and the emergence of so-called Roman Britain , Alclud became an increasingly important and strategic site. Known as Caledonia, it is reported to have been inhabited by the Picts before the Romans arrived. But whether it was the Brythons or the Picts dwelling there is anybody’s guess. Either way, in early Roman texts, several distinct tribes of the region are reported, with the fierce Atticotti inhabiting the region of Alclud (also known as Alt Clut ), nowadays Dumbarton Rock or Dumbartonshire in general.

At the Mercy of Foreign Invaders – the Rock Subdued
The Britons and the Picts were restless, and never fully submitted to Roman rule. Once the Roman era in Britain came to an end, around 400 AD, Alcluith once again fell into Brittonic hands. Beforehand this location was the seat of a long line of Kings of the Strathclyde Britons. These successive generations of Britons always called the location “Dunbritton”, meaning “the Fort of the Britons”.

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